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Sunday School

Vacation Bible School | 2005

Vacation Bible School | 2005

The Church School program at St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Perth Amboy has been an integral part of the parish for some 50 years. The church is fortunate to have excellent facilities conducive for learning: 5 large classrooms fully furnished with student’s desks and more than adequate space for activities.

The children enrolled in the Church School program are divided into classes ranging from pre-school to eighth grade. The curriculum used in teaching the children are drawn from several Orthodox sources, augmented with arts and crafts projects and audio-visual aids. Classes are held following Divine Liturgy each Sunday for an hour. The school year generally runs from the Sunday after Labor Day until the first Sunday of June.

Currently, there are some 35 children in the Church School program. Father Michael Rosco oversees the Church School program. Teachers include: Ernie Delcher, Janine Skokan, Delores Albrecht, Jennifer Spencer, Suzanne DiBiasi, Corey Billy and Natasha Perski.